The Lore Brothers

Welcome to the Lore Brothers playlist. Here you will find all the video’s produced by the brothers and if new ones are released we shall add them here. Of course, we shall announce new videos directly on the main page. Make sure to like The Lore Brothers on Facebook and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

Episode 1 – The Wraith

Our first episode, we focus on the infamous wraith. Make sure to subscribe to find out what supernatural entity we investigate next on The Lore Brothers!

Episode 2 – La Llorona

On Episode 2 of our web series, we investigate the lore behind La Llorona. A ghost story of hispanic origins. A tragic tale and haunting story. We attempt to find her while bringing you the lore and legends of La Llorona.

Episode 3 – The Boogeyman

We dive into the lore behind the Boogeyman. Who is the boogeyman? Is it a person? maybe… Ghosts are as fascinating as they are dangerous. Hunt with caution, my friends.

Episode 4 – Community

We show our appreciation to our Lore Brothers Community by sharing some stories you guys have shared with us in regards to “friendly” ghosts. Thank you all for being here!

Episode 5 – Bloody Mary

We attempt to conjure bloody mary with the ingredients given by a local witch coven. With the ingredients and the power of the pentagram, we attempt to open a portal into the spirit world and call out for bloody mary. During this time, we learn some very valuable lessons about the possible dangers in dabbling with the occult. Like and subscribe to gain access to all of our investigations and all future projects.

Episode 6 – The Pentagram

In this episode, the Lore Brothers talk about possibly the most famous symbol in human history; The Pentagram.
Step into the circle with the five pointed star and see what the Lore Brothers have to say about this ancient symbol.

After many questions regarding our pentagram, we find it fitting to dive into the lore behind the pentagram.
Popular belief has lead people to believe the pentagram is evil. We investigate the history to see if this is true.