Willow Creek encounter

Early May 2009, Willow Creek California, Around 11:30 PM. After putting their newborn baby to bed, Leanna Holt and her Husband William decided to go outside and sit on their back porch to enjoy the night and look a the night sky. After a short while, Leanna Noticed the movement of a strange object appearing over the trees in the distance. She poked her Husband to ask him if he saw the same thing. He nodded, "Yep". The strangely shaped object moved slowly and noiseless towards Leanna and her husband. Until it stopped over their heads.

It was a long trapezoidal prism shape with no windows or doors. It had these strange gill looking indents dow the side of it. I could tell it was metallic and moved very slowly and very quietly. Leanna Holt

They then noticed the object started shifting from a horizontal position to a vertical position. Once it was locked in vertical position lights on the back of the craft came on and it started moving again. This time it shot up into the night sky at high speed. Until in vanished between the stars. The entire encounter lasted about 5 or 6 minutes. Below you can see the sketches Leanna made of the event.

Thanks to Leanna Holt for sharing her experience. If you have any experience to share please contact us.

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