Unacknowlaged: review

The documentary by Dr. Steven Greer has been released for some time now. And I have watched it a couple of times. Let me start by saying I'm not a movie critic or reviewer. Having that said I'm also still not entirely sure what to think of Dr. Greer and his Sirius Disclosure movement.

Unacknowledged is a well-constructed narrative. However, for someone like myself, the documentary doesn't bring anything new to the table. Wich is fine. But for the people who are already heavy into the subject, this is a bit disappointing.

Prior to the release of Unacknowledged, I've seen the interviews with Dr. Greer where he stated that Unacknowledged is a documentary for those who are rather new to the subject. More like a warm up to newcomers. If you expect mindblowing new cases or a smoking gun. You flat out of luck.

Is Unacknowledged bad then? No, at least not in my opinion. If there is one problem I bump against as believer is that the people closest to me don't believe this subject. They don't believe or don't want to believe. If you have the same issue then this documentary could help you out and get the conversation started with you and your friends.

The film does a lot of things right. The pace is right for the newcomers and the interviews are clear. However, it does not delve deeply into the subject at hand. It's an overview of the issue. A fragment of the underlying phenomenon. The shallow nature of the documentary also makes it easy to dismiss as a sceptic or even someone who has an entirely different point of view on the subject. 

Dr. Greer strongly advocates his view in the documentary. And because of this, I would even advise you to look at other documentaries like "Out of the Blue" first.  Even though I can agree with many things Dr. Greer says. But there is too much out there. The point of view Dr. Greer has might influence your opinion on this subject too much. And I still frown upon the CE5 initiative Dr. Greer is promoting outside of this documentary.

Unacknowledged is worth watching, but don't get too excited if you are already well acquainted with the subject. And make sure this is not the only thing to watch if you are new to this.

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