The RFK assassination

RFK and Manchurian Candidates

Yes, I really mean RFK. Not the infamous JFK. We all know that assassination is full of lies and cover-ups. But did you know that his brother Robert F. Kennedy got assassinated in suspicious circumstances as well? I was looking into the subject of MK-Ultra and Manchurian Candidates. When I came across the assassination of RFK. After viewing some of the presented conspiracies surrounding this assassination, I found that this one is even darker and deeper than the JFK assassination.

On June 5, 1968, after giving a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles was fatally shot immediately after leaving the podium. The shooter Sirhan Sirhan always stated he never remembered shooting Robert Kennedy. The connection with Manchurian Candidates and this assassination to me feels a lot more obvious. After doing some searching, I found the documentary below. It's a very informative film wich delves deep into the subject of the sleeping killers.

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