the Lizzie Borden house

No this is not an article to tell you about the Lizzie Borden story. You probably already know all about it. If not I strongly advise you investigate it before reading on.

No this is a personal experience as written by our own guest Witch: Renee Windon. I have been in contact with her for a while now and I have heard lots of interesting things. And she was so gracious to share them with us on Out of the Ordinary.

Here is her story:

We went there about 2 years ago to visit Salem. Fall River is about an hour’s drive from there. After waiting awhile with the tour group, we were allowed to go in. As soon as I stepped in, I could feel that we were not alone. I broke off from the group to go exploring. Entering the parlour, I was admiring all the beautiful furnishings. As I was looking at a beautiful etagere, I remarked that it is a shame that this is a reproduction piece and wondered out loud to myself if all the beautiful china inside was once Lizzie’s, and what lovely meals she must’ve served on them. Just then, the whole thing shook, enough to rattle the china inside. I first thought maybe it was vibration from people walking around upstairs. Then I remembered that all overnight guests had left and the group was a few rooms away with the tour. So I immediately felt I wasn’t alone. In another part of the room was an old hurricane lamp, converted from oil to electric. It was at this time, my boyfriend joined me to ask me to join the group. I told him no. I was feeling that Lizzie was with me, and I felt so welcome. I mentioned that I loved the lamp and wondered how many nights Lizzie enjoyed a good book by its glow. It was then that Mike and I heard 3 taps on the glass of it and the top of it moving. Mike was a little unnerved and went back to the group. I, as usual, stayed behind. I silently thanked Lizzie for the communication and asked HER to be my guide. She happily accepted. I was then lead to the dining room.

I told him silently to get away from me. That unlike everyone else while he was alive, he does not scare or intimidate me. This was met with a barrage of curses and names being hurled at me, telepathically. I took my photos. It was then the guide came in and offered me to lay down on the couch for a photo. I declined. I snapped a few more pics and as I was leaving, a glint of light caught my eye. I saw the glass doorknob on the door adjoining the next room, sloooowly turning.

I turned to the guide and mentioned this. She remarked it happens all the time.
So having had enough of the foul language and anger from Andrew, I headed for the stairs because I was being summoned by Brigette, the Irish maid they had washing windows that hot August day of the murders. All the way up the stairs, I felt at least 2 energies. One ahead, and one on the landing, happily waving at me, like a long lost friend. The first bedroom I entered was Brigette’s. It is a pretty room. Small, but tastefully decorated with pretty quilts, a washing basin and pitcher and an old steamer trunk. I felt very welcome here. I wish I could say the same for the other bedrooms. I then entered what I knew was Lizzie’s room. Her vibe was INCREDIBLY strong here. She was everywhere. I felt encouraged to rest on the bed, look into the mirror, etc. I think this was her safe place. A place to lock herself away from her father.

Her father and stepmother’s room… wow. The very moment I stepped in, I had a terrible sinking feeling. I looked at the bed and saw in my mind’s eye what Andrew and was having his daughters do here. My eyes were dragged to the left side of the bed, this was where Lizzie’s step mother was murdered, from behind, while bent over, making the bed. It was here, I got terribly dizzy, almost to the point of passing out. So I snapped a few more pics and got out of there.

Now, video’ing is not allowed on tours, but I felt the urge to too strong to resist. So, going the opposite direction of the group, I started filming with my phone. The tour ends always in the kitchen. While everyone else was there, I followed who I know was Lizzie and Brigette to the back hallway where the orbs were so plentiful I could see them with the naked eye and even better with my camera. I was amazed. I just silently asked them to show me where to point my camera, and in doing so, was rewarded with an amazing display.

I left that day feeling not at all spooked or afraid, but feeling like I understand why Lizzie did what she did.
I also felt like I am welcome to visit again, anytime. I plan to go back and stay the weekend there. Alone at the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast. Sometime in the next year. I simply ask that if you ever visit, be a polite and respectful guest, and I promise you, Lizzie is happy to communicate.

The Lizzy borden photo album by Renee Windon

To see the full photo album of the visit please click here

The Girl in the photo

After Renee initialy shared here story and pictures with us, we ofcourse reviewed the content. And as I was looking trough the images she send. One suddenly stood out. It appeared to me that something made it’s way into the image.

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