The Light show

Out of the ordinary wants to thank Sandra Gallimore for sharing her story with us.

Indiana, 1952 or 53 I was 6 or 7 years old. I was raised on a military base and outside the base was the civilian grade school on totally flat land with no trees-a clear view of the horizon. The base was 100 square miles of wood. My mother and I were at a school function. I did not remember my sister, being there too. Until she told me many years later, in fact, the year before she died. About 20 people were leaving after the event standing on the steps talking. Suddenly there appeared 4 pulsating lights changing colour as they went. I remember the silver, red, green, yellow. Years later I have always called it 'the light show' as it seemed they were putting on a show just for these people. Leapfrogging from one side of the horizon to the other. Going higher up and lower down. Very low it seemed at horizon level. I remember people talking excitedly about it. It must have been over the base which was a mile away from the school.

Of course, I forgot about it when we went home, but the people talked about it, including my mother to my dad who was assistant chief of police at the time (or maybe lieutenant). He eventually became chief but very closed mouthed on this major ammunition depot. All these years later my sister asked if I remember hearing about it. She did not remember I was there too and, as I said, it was not my memory of her either. Then she told me all the people who witnessed the event were taken in and met with Navy and Air Force all stern. They recorded them telling of it, debriefed them, had them draw pictures of what they saw, and told them never to speak of it again. My sister said she was scared at the time.

As I said my father would not talk about his business but a few years later this man who was rather stoic, certainly not the religious type, or communicative in any way really. We were in the car one day going home and he began waxing talkative-if not poetic. I was 12 and not used to him talking to me exceptive everyday stuff. He said to me. It's such a big universe that it makes sense we are not alone, that we are being watched. I just nodded, and I remember thinking he was trying to talk about God which would be so unlike him. So I said absolutely nothing and then he clammed up.

How often as an adult interested in ufo's, etc, I wished I could have heard more, asked more because he never mentioned it again. In this story, one must realise that in 1952-3 there was nothing that could even remotely do the technology that 'the light show' exhibited to us that one night where we had a 365-degree view of the skies.

Midwest Quadrille-Four Dances Of Terror

Sandra has also written a book based on this story and other events in her life. Its called Midwest Quadrille-Four Dances Of Terror and consists of 4 short stories. If you are interested you can find it here.

Again ooto want to thank Sandra for her time sharing her story. From the conversations we had so far it came apparent that she has a lot of experience in this field and gave me some great tips to follow up on.

Reader, you are about to become an observer so have a seat while four dancers form a quadrille on the floor . Our dance floor is the Midwest United States…did you think only cows and corn came from there? Observer, you are about to see that monsters roam in the heartland too. Join our dancers, four short stories of people who happened to reside in Indiana and Illinois. They didn’t know they were dancing with demons. Dances unlike any you have seen before, because the partner is death.

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