The Fortuyn conspiracy pt.2

If you haven't read part one yet. I strongly suggest you do. You can read it back here. As for this part, I will explain the circumstances of that faithful day Pim Fortuyn got assassinated.

The murderer V. van der Graaf was a known animals rights activist. An extremist. I won't be going in on his background too much in this article. But the police were aware of the background and the lengths he would go to achieve his goals. Let there be no mistake. This man is smart and always carefully planned out his actions as an activist. He regularly contacted Fortuyn's political party. Pretending to be a journalist asking about his schedule. On may 6th 2002 the murderer called the party again to check the schedule.

Now before we move on you should know that prior to the assassination, there were more and more leftists who didn't agree with Fortuyn. These leftists verbally threatened Fortuyn. Until the "pie incident". A crazed leftist who threw a pie in the face of Fortuyn during a press conference. The question was raised. Does Fortuyn need protection? The leftists became more and more aggressive. Meanwhile, V. van der Graaf was actively being monitored by the police. And his phone was being tapped. Indications that he was planning to assassinate Fortuyn were even documented with the phone tap. Yet the intelligence services and police refused to provide protection for Pim Fortuyn.

After the schedule check, van der Graaf got in his car and prepared for the assassination. When he arrived in Hilversum around 18:00 where the Mediapark is located. The time of day is an important key point. This time of day is basically the busiest time of day. Specifically around the Media Park. Lots of traffic and of course traffic jams. He parked his car just outside the fence in a neighbourhood. Just a short 5 minutes walk away. Van der Graaf hid in a couple of bushes in the parking lot. When Fortuyn came out he ran towards him to shoot him point blank. Two bullets struck Fortuyn in the chest and two in his neck and one his head.

Now what happened next is interesting, to say the least. Instead of running back the short distance to his car. Van der Graaf ran away in a completely opposite direction. Fortuyn's driver and good friend who was at the scene and instantly ran after the killer and didn't lose him out of sight. His account is rather important. At one point van der Graaf stopped running and look around confused. Pim Fortuyn's driver said. "It was like he expected someone or something to be there. Like a getaway car." He then changed direction and tried to get back to his car. By now the police were on him and as he ran around one corner near a gas station he ran straight into a trap.

The first curious points arise. All this happened in under 6 minutes. While traffic was at a high point. From the official report, it was stated that the emergency number was called while the assassination happened. About a "possible shooting". Within those 6 minutes, the police had set up a trap as if they knew which way he was heading. And they caught him. While the ambulance that was dispatched to the crime scene was stopped at the gates of the Media Park and wasn't allowed access. 20 minutes later the ambulance arrived at the victim. The excuse? A malfunction of the gates. The police force present at the arrest is highly questionable. A K9 Brigade and a swat team were right on the spot. The police later claimed they were nearby because of an exercise held by the K9 Brigade.

And V. van der Graaf? He never said a word. Till this day he has remained silent. Throughout his process and prison sentence.

I have left out a lot of details concerning this conspiracy. If you are interested in all the details please view the documentry below. Dont forget to turn on the subtitles!

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