The Fortuyn conspiracy pt.1

Even if you don’t live in the United States it’s highly possible your country has a deep profound conspiracy attached to its history. In my small country the Netherlands this would be the Fortyun conspiracy. A political assassination that shocked the nation and changed the political course of my country forever. There are a lot of details to this, but in this article, I won’t delve too deep into the material. I will try to explain it in different parts. In each article, I will highlight one part of the conspiracy.

At first sight, it seems it’s nothing more than an assassination. A brutal murder in broad daylight. The victim, Pim Fortuyn shot five times point blank. From which two were direct hits in the back of his head.

May 6th, 2002, around 18:00 Pim Fortuyn left the building of radio station 538. After he gave an interview on that station. The building is located in the so-called “Media Park”. The one place where everything related to Dutch radio and television is located. While walking to his car a man named Volkert van der Graaf came walking up to Fortuyn and assassinated him right on the spot.

So what is the conspiracy then you ask? Let me explain who Pim Fortuyn was. At the moment of his assassination, Fortuyn was the leader of a political party. A new political party. This particular party grew enormously in popularity over a short period of time. Because Fortuyn was a leader who had radical ideas. And he was not afraid to speak his mind on the issues at hand. His popularity became an issue.

With the elections right around the corner, Fortuyn was heading towards victory. So why murder him? This is the question I will answer in this article. There is much more to this story but the motivation is the one part most people don’t know about.

In 2002 a new toy for the military industrial complex was rising: The Lockheed Martin 35 II. Created by the JSF project. A controversial project in the Netherlands. In 2002 the political climate was prepared to join in. But we could not because of the upcoming elections. And one of the most popular upcoming politicians was against the JSF project. His name: Pim Fortuyn.

Then there was Mat Herben. Somehow he became the right hand of Fortuyn in his political party. Herben soon became a key role in convincing Fortuyn that the JSF project had to move on with his support. Many believe he was the political hit man. Herben a member of the Free Masons the Hague regularly attended Bilderberg meetings. As a strong advocate for the JSF, Herben regularly spoke with Lockheed during this meetings.

After the death of Fortuyn, the elections moved on. As expected Fortuyn and his party became one of the biggest parties. With Fortuyn out of the way, Herben was now leader of the party. Of course, he was not able to uphold the ideas and promises of Fortuyn. He never intended to. He sealed the JSF deal right after taking lead. The party collapsed and re-elections were inevitable. Herben had done his job. He wasn’t able to convince Fortuyn, wich probably would have saved his life. But he managed to get in the right position and carried out the political part as orchestrated from above.

This basically sums up the why. I could go deeper into the material but there is a lot more to cover. Especially the who and how requires special attention.

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