The Adams Calendar

In 2013 I went to South Africa to visit family and see some of the majestic big 5. Besides the fact it pissed me of how much the poaching is a major problem. I also missed probably the only chance I ever had to visit a great historical site: The Adams calendar. Little did I know when I cruised around the country near Waterval Boven that I drove right by this mystical place. And this is really a shame. Why? I’ll tell you.

Discovered on 2003 by a pilot Johan Heinne flew over the site. The Adams calendar is claimed to be the oldest man made structure on Earth. It’s also named the Stone Hedge of Africa. One archaeologist by the name of Michael Tellinger has spent most of his time on this site with Johan. Tellinger thinks the calendar is about 250.000 years old. Johan thinks it’s 75.000 (Wich still is 16 times older than the pyramids of Giza). The true age remains a mystery. One thing is certain. It is very old. And probably man’s oldest structure. Back in 2013,  I didn’t know that the hundreds of other oddly geometrical structures were found scattered across the country. They are probably connected to the same ancient people who build the calendar. Accordingly to Tellinger.

These structures were dismissed by the mainstream archaeologists. They were supposed to be cattle pens. However, these structures have oddly geometrical shapes and many don’t even have a clear entrance for the supposed cattle to enter and exit. Their true purpose just isn’t discovered yet. But Tellinger thinks the answer may be hidden in the ringing stones. Stones that resonate at a certain vibration. And Tellinger has even discussed that sound is the key to it all, an ancient energy grid.

Michael Tellinger shows some of the ancient and fascinating artefacts that he has collected in his small museum in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, South Africa. The museum contains hundreds of artefacts that defy explanation in conventional circles but show the physical evidence of a vanished civilisation in South Africa over 200,000 years ago involved in gold mining and a knowledge of using sound as a source of energy. This is all connected to the electronic measurements taken in the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar that clearly shows huge amounts of EM energy and sound frequencies reaching over 300 GHz. This points to a knowledge that we have yet to acquire creating Free Energy devices using the resonant frequencies of Mother Earth itself – probably what Nikola Tesla did as part of his great discoveries in the early 1900s. Each stone circle is still an active free energy device giving us huge amounts of sound energy ranging from 10 – 300+ Giga hertz and over 110 deci bells.

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