Shropshire Paranormal

Out of the Ordinary is proud to announce that the Paranormal group Shropshire Paranormal will be joining ooto to shed light on the subject of Spirits and Ghosts. And share their findings and ghost hunts with ooto. When I reached out to them I was met with great enthusiasm. I'm very excited about this collaboration and I'm looking forward to posting about their ghost hunts.

In 2015 Shropshire Paranormal was founded by Glen Perkins and his Daughter Sophie as a hobby wich quickly escalated. After many paranormal episodes at home decided to tackle everyone else’s paranormal problems. And Shropshire Paranormal was born. Slowly grew out to become a professional group. The team consists of Glen Perkins, Sophie Perkins and Adam Mills. Abigail and Louise Perkins are the guest investigators of the group during some events.

Out of the Ordinary is very excited to see and hear what Shropshire Paranormal will come up with. Stick around and register to the site and you won't miss a thing.

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