Shropshire Paranormal investigation – Gorstings Stables

On 9/7/17 Shropshire Paranormal conducted an investigation at Gorstings Stables, Bings Heath, Shrewsbury. We are privileged to be the only Team allowed to investigate this location, and as ever it throws up lots of surprises every minute, to set the scene; This location is in 9.74 acres of the Shropshire Countryside, and Is the site where the battle of Shrewsbury took place in 1403, between Henry and Owen Glendower. Over the years there could have been more sinister happenings, which may have resulted in unsolved crimes, or unexplained deaths. This location holds many stories of years gone by and the photographic and visual evidence we have collected, proves that there are both good, and dark spirits which roam around these 6 acres of beautiful Shropshire countryside, the daytime reveals the beauty of this venue, but the night reveals the intense and very lively spirit world which comes to remind us of a life after death and the unfinished business some of these spirits have.

On starting the night we held a competition so the general public voted for a place, at the location for one of my team to be locked in for 30 minutes, it was either the Caravan where an old woman has been seen watching over the owner when she woke from her sleep, the other was the Barn where 2 children and an old woman has been seen. The Barn received the most votes, and the most nervous of us all Abigail was the one to be locked in.

The night started well and we kept in touch by Walkie Talkie, Abbie was working the Barn Via Live feed to Facebook so our followers could see. There was also a fantastic Psychic Medium watching in who has become a good friend of ours and she is able to help with one or 2 things during the investigation. Abbie was armed with an EVP Recorder and her Cell Phone for the live feed. After around 7 Minutes she was starting to get some visual signs out of the corner of her eyes, and some knocking and tapping, after trying to debunk them we accepted it was spirit activity. Around the 10 minute mark Abbie felt a touch on the back of her neck and became quite nervous and started shouting for me I asked her to be patient if she could for a couple of minutes more while we were investigating another part of the venue. This soon came to a head when Abbie became quite anxious and I quickly entered the barn to help her finish the session. When I arrived in the barn it went a bit quiet, so I set up an EM Pump to kick out a little electromagnetic energy for them to draw some strength from. This soon worked a treat as we got some very definite bangs and voices, this would pay dividends by 3.00am when we came back to the barn and saw a dark shadow walk right in front of me, it nearly touched me it was that close, the camera didn’t manage to pick it out because it was too dark. Earlier in the night, we went across the paddocks to a big oak tree where there has been Pagan ritual chanting witnessed and a young lady had to leave in tears, she was quite badly shaken by it. I took some full spectrum pictures and what I found on reviewing them chilled me to the bone, it is what I would describe as demonic in appearance with glowing red eyes, from the pictures captured it must have been watching us for some time.

After we had caught a few orbs in the camera we headed back to the other group to have a drink and investigate the riding school paddock, this also threw up some unbelievable pictures of a horse, with a horse and rider to the left of it, if you look closely you can see it has caused a visual disturbance on the fence as if it is walking through the fence.

On the whole, we had another very big night at Gorstings Stables, with over 50 EVP’s including spirit box sessions. And some great visual evidence and photographic proof that things really do walk the fields of Bings Heath after Dark.

The images and sound clips can be found below.

Gorstings Stables 9/7/17 Album

To find all the images of the investigation click here.

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