Shropshire Paranormal: Emergency Investigation

On Friday 30th June I was contacted by my Investigator Adam and my Daughter Abigail, informing me that something was starting to happen in their home, noises and abnormal EMF readings and asked if I would take our stuff along and see what’s happening. As any intrigued investigator would I took the bare necessities and began a mini-investigation, spirit box and EVP’s being our greatest strengths, so we set out to capture EVP’s for a while and then later on Spirit Box Sessions, after about 2 hours I decided to return home and review my findings. It was a couple of days later when I looked into the EVP’s and came across something Calling Abigail a “whore”. After sharing this with Adam and Abigail they informed me there was again an increase in paranormal responses in their home, so I put together a few things and decided to call over and do a 4 hour investigation, this turned out to be a very good night, we decided to begin a live feed and aired our investigation via Facebook, people were very keenly signing into our feed, and they were not to be disappointed.

We began with just some EVP bursts and then went on to Spirit Box Sessions, we started by receiving some pretty good results on both. Whilst we were connecting wirelessly to the internet which is not usually the best outcome for investigations, we were also providing any spirits with a natural source of energy, which they were taking great advantage of, we lost connection to the internet quite a few times due to the spirits using that energy, but the results were outstanding. I haven’t yet managed to get through reviewing them all because I am busy recharging and getting ready for this Sunday’s ghost event at the renowned Gorstings Stables, we haven’t been there for a while so we are pretty excited about that, and never fail to come away empty handed.

The videos are cropped because the player can’t handle standing yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Be sure to check them out on the Shropshire Paranormal Facebook page.

Anyway, we were lucky enough on this investigation to get 2 people who are very gifted in psychic medium work, and from 2 very different areas and people who we had never spoken to or knew existed until this night. One was from Wales and the other from the United States, and both were giving us the same information at the same time, this was incredible evidence that what we were receiving was real they heard a very angry malevolent male spirit call Abigail a “whore”, could this be the same one I caught on EVP only a few days earlier, no one but Adam, Abigail, Sophie, and myself knew about the evidence I collected a few days earlier. As the night went on our psychic medium from Wales picked up that there was a little girl present and that she was afraid of the male spirit, there was also an old woman present. Due to there being a little girl I decided to bring the KII meter into play, and when with the help of the psychic medium, we found her name “Maggie” we asked her to communicate with the KII meter and instantly she did, this was also documented for our audience to see and hear. The night just went on and on from this and we found out so much, the nasty male entity tried to bully me and at one point had the upper hand as I got quite tired, I started feeling some aggression but fought back I was part of a team and had to remain with them, I left the room to re-charge my spiritual strength and fight off the Nasty Male. Not too long after we all became so very drained and decided to call time on the investigation and demanded that the spirits went back to where they came from and closed down the investigation. We all had a brief but good night’s sleep. There are still mists and shadows gracing the walls of their home so we are going to prepare a cleansing ritual and drive them out fully.

To see more video’s of the event visit the Shropshire Facebook page.

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