Ooto is looking for writers

I’m completely new to writing. And my interest in the subjects I try to document have been a large part of my life. This is the reason I pulled the trigger and started building the site. But I would love for it to get bigger and reach a broader audience. It’s a shame ridicule is still a large part of all these topics.

I want to break the veil of ridicule. A place where you can share and discuss any topic. Much like Reddit. And I know why bother right? Because I want to break out of the confinement. Drowned in a sea of million subreddits. I want a quality site of strangeness. Not one that just copy and pasted all the rubbish found around on the web. And I need you! I need people who wish to write their own experiences. Or write about that one topic you are deeply involved in. And besides that. Members who fire of a discussion.
Thank you for your time reading this! If you are interested in helping out. Please pm me or register on the site.
– Out of the Ordinary

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