Night of the Triangles

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On January 19, 1983, many residents of Swansea and surrounding towns all saw Triangle UFO’s. Some saw only one object others saw two. The most consistent part is they all saw slow moving objects. This UFO case doesn’t only have a lot of people seeing it. The witnesses also saw the object(s) for a long period of time over residential areas.

The witness reports are extensive. The UFO research group S.U.F.O.N. has done a great job gathering material and interviewing witnesses. Many have been documented on paper, but S.U.F.O.N. has done a great job in recording some of the testimonies as well. I highly recommend checking them out. Be sure to head over to their site. They have a lot more interesting cases documented.

The Witness testimonies

Because in the extensive amount of witnesses I have documented them in an accordion tab. Just click on the title of each testimony below to unfold the written text to that testimony.


Between 5.30 PM and 5.45 PM
For a period of 10 minutes, an observer watched with the naked eye and through binoculars, two very bright lights about the length of a Boeing 747 apart. No shape was discernible. The lights were over the ‘Lifeguard Station’, Mumbles [Lifeboat or Coastguard?] at 2000 feet maximum altitude, one mile away from the observer. Its movements were described as being steady, changing.
Source: MOD Files.


5.45 PM
Mrs. Margaret Gaskins, of Lucy Road, Skewen, said her children 14-year-old Leanne and 10-year-old Ceri were watching television when they spotted strange flashing lights in the sky at about 5.45 ppm.
“They came running into the kitchen full of excitement,” she said. “At first I didn’t believe them, but when I looked out of the window I could see a sphere of flashing lights which travelled from the Kilvey Hill area over to Baglan Bay.”
The whole family were hanging out of the windows of their flat for a better view and soon neighbours were also peering out.
“It was all very exciting,” said Mrs. Gaskins, “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”
“Later I heard that a Sea King helicopter from Brawdy had been in the area. At first, I thought the flashing lights must have been from that,” she said. “But then I was told the helicopter was not over Swansea Bay until 6.20 pm.”
“I don’t believe in UFOs. There has got to be a logical explanation for it, but I can’t explain what it was I saw.”
Source: South Wales Evening Post  20 January 1983.


Sometime between 5.45 PM AND 6.45 PM
An observer located outdoors on Pentregethin Road described seeing an object for 5-10 minutes moving slowly around a TV mast (presumably Kilvey Hill). It was described as being one object, split into two parts, 3 very bright flashing white lights at front and 3 at back. Massive in size, oblong in shape. No sound or smell.
Source: MOD Files.


5.50 PM
Over a period of 6 minutes, an observer located on the road, Heol Tal-Y-Coppa in Llansamlet reported seeing two objects travelling at a steady rate west to east from the DVLC in Morriston towards Kilvey Hill. One object was a large elongated shape with two pulsating white lights at the front, and two yellowish steady lights on the rear. The second object was small and triangular with steady white lights. No sound or smell was associated with the sighting.
Source: MOD Files


5.55 PM
An “aircraft-shaped object” (moving far too slowly to be an aircraft) showing six lights at the front and three lights at the base, was seen over Swansea Airport, heading west over the Gower Peninsula.
Source: Haunted Skies volume 9 page 236; MOD Files


Approximately 6 PM
The witness, a man (who did not give his identity) was in Cwm Level Park, Landore and saw a black triangular craft, which displayed lights, hovering over the Morfa area, to his south-east. It was low, and he was looking slightly down to it as the park is located at a higher level. It was about the size of a bus. The witness said it was just above roof-top height and was drifting slowly.
Source: SUFON Meeting 25 August 2015


Roland Betts – a long distance lorry driver from Killay, Swansea – had just uncoupled his trailer and was in Dunvant Road, high up on a hill, with a sweeping view of Swansea Bay, at around 6 pm.
“As I got out of my vehicle, I was attracted by a large area of stars that were blocked out. There was a massive round object; I would guess at approximately 10-20,000 ft in the air. It appeared to have lights around the perimeter and was absolutely silent. If it was moving, it was moving very slowly. For some reason, it didn’t sink into my mind what it might be. I went into the house and told my wife that I had just seen an unidentified flying object in the sky. Imagine my surprise when she told me that a programme had just been interrupted by a news broadcast, relating to a UFO having been sighted between Swansea and Cardiff by many people!”
Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 page 240


6 PM
Detective Sergeant Michael Troake, based at Morriston Police Station – was carrying out enquiries into a spate of burglaries in the Winch Wen area, with his colleague – DC Gethin James. They were about to get into the CID car, when they saw a cluster of lights approaching their position in the sky.
DS Troake: “What surprised me was the way in which the lights blocked out some of the stars, giving me an impression of an object that was long and rectangular in shape. As this massive, silent, transparent, object loomed overhead, I could see a number of blue flashing lights at its edges. All I could do was stand in awe, looking upwards, as this ‘thing’ – only about a hundred feet off the ground – headed slowly towards Swansea Bay.”
DC James – “It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen....bigger than two football fields and covered in blinding lights, although I could just make out a smaller object in the shape of a ‘V’ following behind.

Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 pages 236 – 237


6 PM
Over a period of 10 minutes an observer in Llwynhendy watched two objects, long, one in front of the other, second object had a large red steady light on the front.  Flashing white light in the centre and tail of both objects.  It moved from the Swansea direction and then headed towards the Gower, at a steady, slow speed.


6.05 PM
A silver-coloured, saucer-shaped object, showing four or five lights, flashing in a rotation, was seen motionless in the sky, over the steel works at 6.05 pm. A few minutes later, it was joined by a second UFO. The two of them moved off towards Swansea.
Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 page 240 citing Jeffrey Horton-Jones South Wales Echo 20 January 1983.
In the MOD report it records time period as being 17.50 – 18.15


6.15 PM
Driving Instructor, Orllwyn Jones was leaving his house, 20 Long Oaks Avenue, Sketty, Swansea, to collect a pupil on a lesson. As he left the house, he suddenly became aware of a black triangular object, approximately the size of a family saloon car, slowly crossing the sky above the house next door.
The object was blacker (or darker) than the evening sky; had a small tube protruding downward from each corner and each tube had a small but bright light at the tip. The object had insufficient height (or depth) to be a manned craft, as it was no more than approximately 18 inches high. Any entity controlling the craft from within would have been lying flat.
The craft was so low that he estimated it was no more than a foot or so above the roof of the house next door. The object travelled at what Mr. Jones described as “a slow walking pace”, and made an audible ‘chugging’ sound as it crossed the road toward the houses opposite in a North West to South East direction (and toward Swansea Bay). He then stated that he braced himself for what he envisaged to be an inevitable crash, as the object was so low it was going to hit the roof of the house opposite his own.
However, this object seemed to adjust its height as necessary and simply skimmed over the roof opposite, missing the ridge tiles by a matter of inches. It then seemed to descend back down and below the level of the roof opposite, and out of Mr. Jones’ sight.
The witness stated that it was definitely a solid, tangible object, and was definitely under intelligent control of some sort. He wanted no publicity at the time and shared his experience with family only. His son, Phil Jones came forward only after the death of his father in 2012, and he kindly met members of SUFON in 2015 to share his father’s experience.


6.15 PM
Brothers Milan and Byron Baljak, age 32 and 28 respectively, and friend Roger Williams, 32, were standing outside Gorseinon & District Working Mens Club on Brighton Road, Gorseinon, waiting for it to open to play snooker. Looking above them towards the east, a row of lights about 50 feet up came over the roofs of houses on the other side of the road (east of them). The lights were small, dim blue-white and numbered about a dozen and arranged in a line, moving from their left to right (south).
They realised that the lights were on the same object as it started to turn, and could see that it was a huge black triangle, with more blue-white lights along each side. Its size, Milan compared to two jumbo jets but was unable to estimate its thickness. As it turned, slowly drifting towards the east, and away from them, it tilted slightly, all the small bluey lights going off and they could make out a red circular light on the top of the object near the front apex. There was no sound and it just ‘floated’, slowly moving away from the witnesses, who then crossed the road to stand under it and followed it a short way down a side alley between the terraced houses on the left and a brick building on the right.
It moved away further in the direction of Penllergaer in the east and they watched as it disappeared out of sight. The duration of the sighting was about 5 minutes. The men returned to the club, talking about it to each other, Roger and Byron going inside to phone the local radio station, Swansea Sound, leaving Milan outside, who kept a look out in case the object returned.
Milan then saw two more black triangular-shaped craft, smaller than the first, and again about 50 feet up, one travelling one way down the road, and the other on a parallel but opposite course moving up the road. Again, no sound was heard, the objects displayed lights and reflected the glow from the street lighting. They did not rotate, and when they both reached a certain point after travelling half the length of the street, both reversed their course and passed each other again above him. They once more reversed and passed, stopped and slowly drifted off together to the south, over the shops in the main street at the bottom of the road.
Roger also phoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that reports had come in from all over south Wales. Milan was so affected by what he had seen that when he went home later, he burned his entire collection of UFO books in the garden and went to sleep with blinds down and curtains closed. The following day, he said there was a tremendous amount of military aircraft flying around the area. He went to the Swansea Sound studio to talk about what he had seen that day.


Approximately between 6.30 PM and 8 PM.
Cold, clear night.
Natalie Bowden (aged 13 yrs 6 mths) lived at 38 Beechwood Road, Uplands, Swansea, which stands on the north side of the street, which runs east-west. Natalie was in the back room with her dog, watching TV and suddenly had a feeling that she should go out the front door. She did so, but the dog did not follow her and saw a huge object over the houses on the opposite side of the road.
She remembers a shape of lights on the underside of the object, which she compared to a stadium, which consisted of a ring, round or oval, which protruded below the craft. Large coloured square windows or panels of light were on the outer side of the ring, which constantly changed colour. She remembered these colours being creams, ochres and pinks and others, all soft hues iridescent and 'pearly'. The colours were pulsating rather than flashing. The outside of the ring was sloped rather than straight. She could not see in detail the body or shape of the whole craft due to the brightness of the ring, but it was large, covering the street. She assumed that it was circular, because of the ring of light beneath it [it is possible that the shape was triangular, as other witnesses of triangles on this evening have described a ring of light beneath the craft].
She was alone, to begin with, for about 5 minutes while the object was silently hovering 30 ft above the street, just above the houses opposite, and also covering the street. She called her sister (Ashley) and stepfather (Dave) out of the house.  She remembers, too, that even though it was a cold winter evening, it wasn't cold during the time of the sighting, and it was perfectly quiet "you could hear a pin drop", she said. There was no sound from the craft and everything was completely still and silent.
When Ashliegh and Dave came out, strangely there was no excitement or interest evident from Dave as he was now confronted with the sight of the UFO. Her sister was unusually quiet. By this time a few more people were in the street, around seven plus Natalie, her sister and stepfather who stood opposite her at the top of the steps that led down to the street. There were some people down the road to the left, the James family (Duncan and his son) and Mrs Parker to the right, a man who lived to the right, across the road who she called the rose man as he always tended his roses, and some others whom she did not know.
They stood there for about 5 minutes and then Dave said he'd seen enough and went back indoors! Ashley, who normally did not get on with him, nevertheless followed him in, and Natalie remembers that her sister turned in a sort of fluid, automatic movement, which was unusual enough for her to remember it. Natalie told them she would not leave until she sees the object go. For some reason, this was important to her to see it leave. She stayed watching it and mentally asking it questions. She said she actually started to get a bit bored waiting for it moves or do something! She was aware of a pressure sensation in her ears.
It must have been after another 10 minutes that she suddenly had a feeling of bitter disappointment: "I found myself feeling gutted as it had gone! All I could see were the stars. I was very confused because that was my goal to watch it move, but was left there feeling perplexed, dazed....also no one else was on the street, except me." It was now cold and windier, normal for January.
She went back in feeling 'gutted' and Dave asked her jokingly, "Did you see your UFO go?" and her sister didn't discuss it. They did not discuss it with any of the neighbours at all in the days following, which again, was strange.
Natalie explained that the following day she showed her stepfather the Evening Post and there was an article about a Russian satellite out of orbit, which was suggested as a possible explanation of the sightings over Swansea the night before [that South Wales Evening Post  article was actually published on the following Monday 24th January 1983]


6.30 PM
Richard Gravelle was observing the stars through his binoculars, from Baglan in Port Talbot. He observed three sets of bright lights in triangular formation travelling slowly in an easterly direction. He assumed at the time that the lights belonged to an aircraft as some of the lights flashed on and off at regular intervals. He was struck by the absence of noise. As the lights were going over, a shooting star travelling from the north east to south west passed immediately behind the lights.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 27 January 1983.


An observer located on ‘highest point of Swansea on Hill’ – presumably Townhill, saw 3 white flashing lights. Moving at a steady, slow speed towards Swansea Bay.
Watched for 2 minutes.
Source: MOD Files.


7 PM.
John Griffiths, of Heol Penlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff was on the way home from his work at a communications company, Air Call Ltd in Cathedral Road. Passengers in the car were his wife Carole who works with him, and Dr Nribendra Deb, who practises in Caerphilly.
They saw a huge triangular-shaped object in the sky over the River Taff, close to Llandaff Rowing Club. John stopped the car, and they looked at in amazement. Carole said, "It looked like Concorde taking off but it was stationary in the sky. I normally pooh-pooh things like that, but it had to be a UFO."
She drew a sketch of the object, which shows a triangle with one side shorter than the other two, and had 10 large lights around the sides, with one in the centre. She said that the centre light was red and the outer lights white.
Dr Deb said, "I don't know what I was looking at - I have never seen anything like iot before."
John Griffiths told the South Wales Echo that he had seen a similar object above Pentwyn earlier in the evening.
Source: South Wales Echo 20 January 1983


Between 8 PM and 9 PM
Ken Morse, a telecom engineer was at home in Ridley Way, a lane with houses only on the west side of the road. Ken explains his sighting in his own words:
“At the time of the sighting, our electricity supply was on three phase open wires running the length of the lane and was subject to power outages during windy weather. I have seen the wires blowing about in high winds and sparking on contact, resulting, unsurprisingly, in a power cut.
Events leading up to sighting:
On the night in question, my wife was out and I would have been in charge of putting my then five-year-old daughter and nine-month-old son to bed – though I have no recollection of doing this! Once this was done, I would have settled down to watch television. This is where I’m hazy on the time but I suspect it was between 8 pm and 9 pm.
Part way through the programme I was watching, the power unexpectedly went off. As usual, when this happened, I would look out of our east-north-easterly-facing lounge window, to determine whether this was a local fault in our lane or whether the houses on Oldway across the field were also in darkness. On this occasion, they were.
The weather was clear and dry with no wind, when, looking out of my ground floor window, my attention was immediately drawn to a triangular formation of three bright blue-white “stars” that had just passed over the lane, south of my house, and were moving slowly in a roughly eastward direction.
(See attached simulated photo of what I saw which was produced for this report. The grey area in the top corner is the overhanging guttering of our dormer bungalow).
My initial reaction was that moving so slowly it must be close to commercial aircraft cruising height. I discounted this when I realised that if it was solid it would be absolutely enormous and if it were three separate craft, the lights were far more powerful than those found on any normal aircraft.
I opened the lounge window to see if I could hear anything. As usual, in our lane at night, there was complete silence. I strained to see whether there was a black triangle between the lights but the background sky was so dark it was impossible to tell. I was then hoping it might block out stars as it passed under them but so few stars were visible that night even though it was a clear sky that again I was unable to confirm the existence of a solid body between the lights. It (or they) maintained the formation in a straight line until it disappeared over the tree in the photo in the direction of West Cross and Swansea Docks. In all, I must have watched it for just over a minute but it seemed a lot longer.
The object was first seen at an elevation of about 35 degrees with 90 degrees directly overhead. It was clear they were forming the corners of an equilateral triangle with one light leading point and the other two at the rear. I reiterate I cannot say if it was solid. Ridley Way runs NNW to SSE. The objects were about 40 degrees south of east when first seen. Without another observation from a different location, it is impossible to determine how far the object(s) were along those bearings and therefore the height and distance away at which they (it) were flying.
1.    The three blue-white lights were equally bright (much brighter than any star or planet), well defined and did not sparkle or flash.
2.    There was nothing visible between the lights and thus no black triangle or central light in evidence.
3.    There were no other navigation lights (red/green) or any other strobe/rotating beacon lights of any kind to make me think they were commercial or military aircraft.
4.    It was completely silent.
5.    The relative distance between the lights was maintained until I could no longer see it.
6.    The lights did not illuminate anything on the ground or any part of the craft as far as I could see.
7.    The lights were still visible as it flew eastward suggesting they were 180-degree lights and not just downward facing spotlights.
8.    There was nothing else unusual in my field of view.
9.    Transatlantic commercial planes flying over at night at about 35,000 feet and around 500 mph have very faint lights and can be heard.
See (REF 3) for altitude information.
Taking all the above into account, it would seem to indicate that what I saw was likely to be a large, low flying, slow moving possibly solid triangular object with a bright light at each corner.
I have observed meteor showers, a comet, faint earth satellites, Iridium satellite flares, and the International Space Station. None of these bears any resemblance to what I saw that night. I have never seen anything in the sky before or since that couldn’t be explained.
The following day, the Evening Post carried some of the witness’ stories of the sightings that occurred that night and one explanation I remember was high altitude refuelling. If what I saw was high altitude refuelling they must have had very long fuel lines because at 35,000 ft I would estimate they must have been over a mile apart! Not to mention having incredibly bright lights (see point 9 above). High altitude refuelling involves a leading tanker plane followed only yards behind by the plane being refuelled. I’m guessing at that height at night it would look like one aircraft and not three separated by a considerable distance.
If the power had not gone off (caused by the object?) I would not have been looking out of the window and would have missed it. I may have been the only person to witness this particular sighting over Bishopston. It appears to be very similar to the recent sighting over the Cwmfelin Club.


June Thomas, of Pentrechwyth Road, Bonymaen, Swansea, had just finished work as a cleaner at the Viscose plant at South Dock when she saw the mystery objects.
Mrs. Thomas said today she discounted theories put forward by Swansea Coastguards that the lights she saw in the sky were meteorites burning up as they entered the earth’s atmosphere.
“What I saw was two objects, very big objects, moving across the sky slowly and without any noise,” she said. “Call them flying saucers if you will, but they were definitely not planes or meteorites”.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 21 January 1983.


8 year-old Mark Rayworth was with his mother, sister and friend. It was dark and the street lighting was on. The weather was dry and clear.
They were standing on the footpath at Townhill Road, Graiglwydd Square, opposite the police station, when his mother said, “Look at that,” pointing above their heads. On looking up he saw two equilateral triangular shaped objects above them which he described as massive in size and almost stationary, but very very slowly moving, in the direction of Mumbles. Both objects were black in colour with rounded off corners.
Around the entire lower perimeter of the objects, were flashing lights, all different colours, and just individually flashing on and off randomly. There was one large white light positioned in the centre of their base, which was constantly glowing. They made no sound nor was there any trail left behind them. Their height was estimated to be about 500 feet. They all watched these objects in awe, for some 10 to 15 minutes, and they then had to leave the scene, to visit friends before the objects disappeared from view.
Mark immediately believed that the objects were alien to this planet, and says they had a profound effect on his life.


6 PM
Detective Sergeant Michael Troake, based at Morriston Police Station – was carrying out enquiries into a spate of burglaries in the Winch Wen area, with his colleague – DC Gethin James. They were about to get into the CID car, when they saw a cluster of lights approaching their position in the sky.
DS Troake: “What surprised me was the way in which the lights blocked out some of the stars, giving me an impression of an object that was long and rectangular in shape. As this massive, silent, transparent, object loomed overhead, I could see a number of blue flashing lights at its edges. All I could do was stand in awe, looking upwards, as this ‘thing’ – only about a hundred feet off the ground – headed slowly towards Swansea Bay.”
DC James – “It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen....bigger than two football fields and covered in blinding lights, although I could just make out a smaller object in the shape of a ‘V’ following behind.”
Source: Haunted Skies Volume 9 pages 236 – 237.
On 31 October 2016 Swansea UFO Network's Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams met Mike Troake at his home for an interview. Mike explained that they were based in Morriston Police Station, and had gone  to visit a member of the public in a house at the top of Maes-yr-Haf [Y Gefnen, which leads off it], Trallwn , and had just come out of the front door, which was at the top of steps, which faces south-west, with good views down the Swansea Valley.
Mike said, "Good God, what the hell is that?"Gethin replied, "It's like two football pitches", to which Mike said, "It's like the whole length of Woodfield Street" [the main street in Morriston].
Mike described it as being rectangular, with flashing blue lights arranged along the sides, and there were two blue triangular lights at the rear - all part of one object, moving slowly towards them from the south-west. It was about a half a mile to a mile away from them in the south-west, moving from the Landore area. It was blocking out the stars behind it. They were looking up at it at an angle of about 45 degrees. There was no sound from the object. When it was roughly over the Winch Wen area, it slowly turned to the left (the object's right) and shot off to the south, towards Swansea Bay.
They heard over their police radio that many reports were coming in from the public, about seeing unidentified objects in the sky. There were a number of calls from the Port Tennant and St. Thomas area.
About two hours later, back at the station, they received a phone call from the RAF at Uxbridge, and were interviewed separately. They were asked the same prepared questions, such as description, size, what did it do, etc.
Later BBC Wales telephoned and asked Mike for an interview, but he declined, fearing that they would be ridiculed.
Mike Troake draws the object that he and DC Gethin James saw
Mike's drawing of the object, with the blue lights on the sides and blue triangles at the rear.
The trajectory of the object and the witnesses' location shown by a cross.

Other witnesses that evening:

Rita Bradley of Finsbury Terrace, Brynmill, Swansea:
“I saw two triangular objects close together with lots of white lights towards Townhill. I could hardly believe it.”
Carol Batcup of Yr Aran, Dunvant, Swansea, said:
“I saw an object bigger than a jumbo jet over Killay, but moving too slowly to be an aircraft. It had flashing lights at the front and back.”
John Owens of St. Catherines Road, Baglan, saw the lights in the sky above Porthcawl.
He said:
“What I saw was about 600 feet from the ground, huge in size and did not jave any engine noise, not like any civil or military aircraft I know. Besides, it was only moving at about 30 mph, far too slow for an aircraft. I cannot really say what it was certainly phenomenal.”
Peter Trotman, of Bryncerdyn Road, Newton, Mumbles, said he was astonished to hear the claim that the sighting was meteorites. And Mr Kenneth Needles, of Verdi Road, Port Talbot, said he was also sure the UFOs were objects of some kind.
Mr Needles, who was in the RAF during the war, said:
“To be honest, I have no idea what the UFOs were, but they can’t have been aircraft.”
Source: South Wales Evening Post 20 & 21 January 1983


Early evening.
Phil Prevel was walking his dog in Beryl Road, Clydach and looked up into the clear sky to see three lights, one red, and the other two, green, arranged in a triangle, with a dark space between them, over the Mond Nickel Works. He could not see a body to it, but could see no stars in the space either. It seemed to be motionless but  was drifting slowly towards Morriston in the south-west.
Source: SUFON Files. Witness testimony 8 April 2015.



A 15-year-old boy [wishes to remain anonymous] was with his mother in the back garden of their home in Laburnham Place, Sketty Park Estate, Swansea when they saw several set of lights in triangular formations over Swansea Bay to the south.

"The funny thing is when I saw the lights (triangles) over Swansea Bay they were so insignificant compared to what I had observed years earlier [see Summer 1977 - Olchfa School, Swansea], that I was totally underwhelmed and didn't even realise there was anything out of the ordinary until it was reported on over the next weeks. I recall several sets of lights (just like stars) in perfect triangle formations and moving across the night sky across the bay very slowly and in sync. The sky was clear and I recall it being quite cold. I was not aware of any structure to the lights, could not estimate how big it was nor do I recall them flashing or changing. I have often thought that the lights must have been part of the same objects as they remained constant in gap / distance. There were at least 3 seperate objects (maybe more). I cannot recall why we (myself and mother) were actually in the garden - clearly something would have made us go out to look into the sky in the cold and dark...I didn't realise that the triangles were anything other than aircraft until news articles appeared about them. I don't recall it being late but it was certainly very clear and dark (quite cold too). I would hazard a guess that it was early evening. I really cannot recall why I went into the garden (my mum / neighbour may have called me to look). The house behind us was very close and the lights were very distant and at a high angle because we could see them over the roof (cannot see mumbles or the sea even from upstairs window if that helps). I recall watching them for a while but as said previously, they were nowhere near as interesting as a previous object I had seen and I think I went back into the house without any thought of them being particularly "strange". The lights were going east to west - from Port Talbot direction across the bay towards Mumbles side of the bay. Very, very slow but in a definite and straight line. I can remember being far more interested when they were being reported by people in the following days.'

Source: SUFON Files. Witness emails June 2017.


Joe Tolland, an insurance agent, a former engineer with the RAF with 15 years service, of Ham Lane East, Llantwit Major, was coaching Llantwit Major under 12's football team, stopped the game they were playing to watch a huge triangular-shaped object in the sky. At first he thought what he was seeing was an aeroplane being re-fuelled in mid flight. But he admitted that this operation wasnever done over built-up areas, and two aircraft would create a lot of noise.
"I couldn't fathom out why the lights were so far apart. It was close perhaps 600 - 1000 feet up. It must have been 300 feet across, so it could not be an aircraft. The thing I really don't understand is that it made no noise. The lights were not usual aircraft lights, though it was in the flight path from Rhoose Airport."
Source: South Wales Echo 24 January 1983.

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