Nazca Alien. What is your opinion?

To be perfectly honest, the whole way this news is being handled makes me sceptic as …. . The fact that the announcement comes from the hands of Gaia makes me believe this is yet another money grabbing event. Hiding a documentary behind their monthly subscription. One of the most common quotes from the ufo investigation community is “freedom of information”. So if Gaia is so convinced this is the find of the century. Then show it world wide. No hiding. No money grabbing.

If this alleged alien mummy is the real deal. I would like to see multiple independent sources investigate the mummy and publicly state their findings. The way these things are handled by sites like Gaia make sure the rest of the world keeps looking down at believers and investigators.

The fact that Jaime Maussan plays a big role in the story doesn’t really help either. There are supposed to be x-rays and scans but these could easily be faked. Other mummy’s found in the past show deformed body parts. It could easily be just that. For now let’s see what Gaia spits out over the coming weeks. Who knows. Maybe this is the find of the century. What do you think? Money grabbing publicly stunt? The real deal? Or maybe something in between?

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