La Cienega, Hollywood UFO

Out of the ordinary wants to thank Casa Amapola for sharing her story with us.

My first UFO sighting was one when I saw it with other witnesses. Here's what happened: One cloudy and overcast day, my (then) boyfriend and I were driving northbound on La Cienega, towards Sunset Blvd., in West Hollywood, California. As we were stopped at an intersection, a family (man, woman and several little children) crossed in front of us. My boyfriend noticed that the family, while crossing the street, kept turning their heads back, looking and pointing up at the sky.

I was not paying attention, as he stated, "what are those people looking at?", I just wanted to get out of traffic (as traffic was quite congested), and stated, "who cares? Let's go. Just drive." Then, he looked where they were pointing and pointing up himself, he said: "No, LOOK!". I looked and to my astonishment, there it WAS!!

Through a bit of an opening in the overcast sky above us, hovering, a disc shaped saucer. It did not move. It was clear as day. We just stared at it, not saying a word. We must have stared at it for about 5 minutes, as we drove through traffic. When traffic cleared, we just kept driving, all the while, the UFO just sat in the sky not moving. After we left from its view, we looked at each other and we were jumping up and down. We were so excited. I have no idea why we didn't go back... maybe traffic? Maybe mind control? I wondered why it was there and concluded that their cloaking device must have malfunctioned, or they wanted to be seen that day.

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