Introducing: The Lore Brothers – Episode 1 – The Wraith

Out of the Ordinary is yet again proud to announce a collaboration with a project that deserves more attention. After finding the Lore Brothers we knew this content deserves more attention. The make quality¬†content video’s about known paranormal entities. The brothers are well acquainted with the paranormal and it shows in their video’s. I am honoured¬†to have them collaborating with Out of the Ordinary.

Just go ahead and read their introduction story to Out of the Ordinary:

We (Ian and Connor) are two brothers that focus on myths, legends, paranormal/supernatural and of course the folklore. We were raised by our mother, a Wiccan, who always did and actively does practice witchcraft to this day. Our aunt, also Wiccan, was the one who guided us in the beginning of our spiritual investigations. Witchcraft has been apart of our entire lives. We were taught the seriousness of white and black magic and the precautions necessary to practice safely. Such as a father would, teaching his kids about gun safety. As a child, I slept in the basement of our home in Washington. Our house was home to a very active spirit that mainly stayed in the basement. This was my first interaction. No harm ever came to me, nor did I ever feel threatened. After a violent relationship, my mother packed my brother (a baby at the time) and myself up and we moved to Arizona. We grew up the same as any other family accept our family didn't pray at the dinner table. Our mother always took excellent care of us and provided everything we needed to have as normal of a child hood as possible. At 18, I started working as a general labourer for a manufacturing company. After a few years of hard work, I worked my way to the top. I was able to put myself in a position to buy the company that I still own to this day. Our warehouse had, and still has, a spirit that has remained fairly active. Which motivated me to return to my supernatural roots. My brother and I began investigating heavily into anything and everything paranormal. After some years, we found ghost adventures, ghost hunters and all the other paranormal shows. Sparking the idea of video documentation of our own investigations. this was roughly 3 weeks ago. Since we began filming, we dedicated ourselves to providing very real lore and video footage of our investigations. We don't plan on stopping and will continue to dive deeper into the spirit world and providing our viewers with the most real footage we can. We will never fake/alter our footage. Our belief is that we would rather deliver no proof than fake proof.

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