Atacama Alien, what about it?

Since the news is rather hot on the Nazca Alien, I decided to look back at another specimen which popped up several years ago. The Atacama Alien presented by non-other than Dr. Steven Greer. Back then when I first saw the Sirius Documentary I was rather impressed, but also disappointed. It was hyped up to be the find of the century. But it turned out to be something “we don’t know”. The sceptic floodgates were opened. It’s just a misshapen human, a hoax. To be fair, this was not really my point of view. For me, something unknown is alien to me. I don’t say it’s specifically from outer space. It’s could be an early humanoid that just didn’t survive. A completely different branch of humanoid.

So I decided to get the latest facts on the research of this creature. Because apparently, it’s still ongoing. The Atacama Humanoid (Yeah we’ll call it humanoid because we don’t know its origins) is not human, it only shares 91% of our DNA. That sounds like a lot but a Neanderthal has 99.5% identical DNA to a human. Chimpanzees and great apes around 96-97% the same DNA. This means it is less like us than a monkey. It is also not male, we cannot distinguish the sex if there is one. Apparently more have been found. South America, Puerto Rico, Russia and if I’m correct one was found in Texas as well. Larger specimens were about 12″ tall. There is still much to be learned but they are leaning towards another humanoid species.

Once again the mainstream mass media has been ignoring something important for the history of our planet. This humanoid is not a hoax in my opinion. I’m just not convinced this is actually an alien. I hope eventually we will find out its origins. And let’s just hope the mainstream media doesn’t sweep it under the rug.

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